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Hsiao Ch'u / The Taming Power of the Small

The Taming Power of the Small
Has success.
Dense clouds, no rain from our western region.

Hsu / Waiting (Nourishment)

Waiting. If you are sincere,
You have light and success.
Perseverance brings good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water.

That's the second time I've run in Hsu in the past week, although the questions weren't directly related - of course, nothing is entirely disconnected from anything else, and that always merits thinking on, but that's fodder for another time.

Suggestions of being held back by a 'gentle restraining force', but Wilhelm's translation of the changing line reads: The rain comes, there is rest. This is due to the lasting effect of character. Perseverance brings the woman into danger. The moon is nearly full. If the superior man persists, Misfortune comes - which rather suggests that the restraint at the moment might lead to a beneficial outcome, rather than a delay. Take a wait-and-see approach, methinks.

Before I interpreted this casting, another, related question came to me, one that enabled me to think with a narrower focus about the matter under consideration - the above involved "Is Task X worth the effort, or a waste of time?" whereas the second question was "Have I done enough to bring about Resolution-Related-to-X?" Below is the result of that cast.

Ch'ien / Modesty

Modesty creates success.
The superior man carries things through.


T'ai / Peace

Peace. The small departs,
The great approaches.
Good fortune. Success.
The fact that Ch'ien transforms to T'ai interests me. "The wise man reduces that which is too much, reduces that which is too little. He weighs things and makes them equal". Suggestions of tolerance and vigilance are made - don't neglect that which is distant, a caution against showing favoritism - avoid extremes and canalized thinking.

The presence of the 'nuclear trigram' K'an hints at danger and also harkens back to Hsu, above. Hm, time for caution, indeed.

Have I done enough? Perhaps not, but any further action must be of a moderate course, not an extreme one. Time to put some tranquilizers in Temper Bear's food, I think.


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Time to put some tranquilizes in Temper Bear's food, I think.

I tihk that's just a good course of action in general, as I've been telling myself all day.


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