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Still lurking around, still posting to LJ primarily, I'm afraid. Sorry, luvs.

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13/10/10 16:18 (UTC)
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Sorry for posting to LJ (and, apparently, DW)? Why? As opposed to Facebook? Hey, it sure doesn't bother me!

Sorry for still posting (as opposed to having ceased)? That doesn't make any sense either.

Anyway, I've got no complaints (except that I haven't seen you face-to-face enough lately, but that's just because the Bay is annoyingly wide and we've both got busy schedules).

Keep doing that thing you're doing. *g*

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13/10/10 17:03 (UTC)
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I'm curious why anyone here would consider this a problem.

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13/10/10 19:26 (UTC)
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Some of my online pals abandoned LJ permanently during the last episode of fail but, honestly, I can't be bothered to make the change, cos I use so many filters and they're so bloody finickity...

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13/10/10 19:40 (UTC)
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PS - OP was to Dreamwidth - I forgot the reposting function was turned on... ;)

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13/10/10 21:09 (UTC)
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*nods* I'm not really willing to move until/unless DW can demonstrate that it won't just be cool when it's small. Plus, like you say, lots of filters that would be a pain in the ass and comms that are only here. It hasn't reached a critical mass of "worth it" to me yet.

I'm not a fan of everything LJ does, but some people are a little TOO twitchy, tbph. Just because something is in the TOS doesn't mean it will ever happen. It's to give the lawyers teeth in the event that they need it. Little companies have less ass to cover and so they always seem cooler.


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